Littleton, Colorado. 1999. Two teenagers devastate a community and shock the country when they walk into their suburban high school and kill twelve students and one teacher. Based on interviews with teenagers across the country and survivors and community members in Littleton, this haunting drama takes a hard look at modern teenagers through the lens of the most infamous high school shooting in American history. Artistic Director PJ Paparelli returns to Littleton, CO ten years later to conduct new interviews and add additional material to what Variety described, “This one comes straight from the gut…highly theatrical and deeply disturbing.”

American Theatre Company, Chicago IL
Written by P.J. Paparelli and Stephen Karam
Directed by P.J. Paparelli
Co-Projection Design by Anna Henson and Rasean Davonte Johnson
Lighting Design by Jesse Klug
Sound Design by Andre Pluess

“Anna Henson and Rasean Davonte Johnson’s projections enhance the show’s visual vocabulary.” Luci Buscani, NewCity Stage

“…effectively make use of real photos and footage from that day, and also displaying transcripts of a now infamous 911 phone call made by a teacher, Patti Nielson, during the attack.” Jason Madanjian, the berkeley beacon