In Freshly Fallen Snow, Dr. Jane Smith pioneers a controversial new treatment for traumatic memory disorders, a procedure that will “edit” memories. Her reluctant first patient is AJ, a terribly scarred veteran of the Iraq War. The driving force behind the doctor’s ambitions and the person she most wants to heal is her own mother, a haunted survivor of World War II’s Dresden firestorm. For both the mother and AJ, the real sources of their pain are lies and truths, long buried in their memories. Inspired by a real medical treatment, Freshly Fallen Snow, is an exploration of the memories that shape us, the stories we tell the world, and the dark space that lies between the two.

Produced by Chicago Dramatists
Written by M.E.H. Lewis
Directed by Meghan Beals McCarthy
Projection Design by Anna Henson and Rasean Davonte Johnson
Scenic Design by Courtney O’Neil


“There is a spare sophistication in certain design elements of ‘Freshly Fallen Snow.’ Rasean Davonte Johnson and Anna Henson’s projections of unnaturally attractive precipitation and terrifying war imagery are ethereally obscured by Courtney O’Neill’s simple, functional set of hanging string.” – Johnny Oleksinski, NewCity Stage

“Rasean Davonte Johnson and Anna Henson’s projections echo both the promised snowfall of the play’s title and the fragmented imagery of war—the latter being far less likely to melt, even as it obscures the wreckage beneath.” – Erika Mikkalo, Stage and Cinema