“ANNE HATHAWAY gives a fiercely good performance… and Ms. TAYMOR has provided a sleek, high-tech production…” 
 New York Times

The Public Theater, NYC
April 7-May 24 2015

Assistant Video Designer to Peter Nigrini




Written by George Brant
Starring Anne Hathaway
Directed by Julie Taymor
Projection Design by Peter Nigrini
Set Design by Ricardo Hernandez
Lighting Design by Christopher Akerland




“Taymor, whose genius for stage spectacle was made famous by Broadway’s The Lion King (and infamous by Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark), works beautifully with Riccardo Hernandez’s minimalist set and Peter Nigrini’s haunting projection design.” – USA Today

“Ms. Taymor and Ms. Hathaway allow the words to remain at the forefront of ‘Grounded,’ even as we are also treated to impressive video displays that show us what the pilot sees as she stares into “the gray” of the desert for hours every day. (Peter Nigrini’s projections play an integral role.)” – New York Times