TED fellow, Korean-American composer, and sonic surrealist Bora Yoon, fuses voice, electronics, and instruments from various cultures and centuries with evocative video design to create SUNKEN CATHEDRAL, a multimedia performance tracing a musical and archetypal journey through the subconscious. – See more at: http://prototypefestival.org/show/sunken-cathedral/#sthash.mjjTNbvH.dpuf

Created and Performed by Bora Yoon

Prototype Festival
January, 2015

Glynis Rigsby

Projection Design
Adam Larsen

Associate Projection Design
Anna Henson

Scenic Design
Tom Lee

Lighting Design
Haejin Han

Costume Design
Junghyun Georgia Lee

Photo Credits: Cory Weaver

Images of cathedrals figure prominently in the striking visuals (designed by Adam Larsen), which include gorgeously rendered silhouettes. – Bora Yoon’s Sunken Cathedral in the New York Times