The Glass Inward awakens Virginia Woolf’s mythic character Orlando at the intersection of male and female, past and present, and the body and technology. Inside this ever-shifting environment, Orlando must evolve with a changing society while seeking relationship to others, time, and memory. The live body extends into its cinematic, auditory, and coded double, and direct interactions with these media record, manipulate, edit, and communicate our experience.

The Glass Inward Remixed appeared at the International Virginia Woolf Conference in June 2014.

Engaging in a dialogue with our technological mirror, The Glass Inward, addressed questions arising within the interplay of my projection design and portraiture practices. I investigated the relationship between cinematic content, audience/actor interaction, and the splitting of character across physical and technological means, as well as creating human and narrative-centered interfaces using TouchOSC connected to Isadora and Ableton.

Presented in Residency at Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago IL
Original Commission by The Island Theatre Company

Original Concept, Creative Direction, Filmmaking, Editing, Technical Direction: Anna Henson
Directed by: Mike Steele
Devised and Performed by: Shawn Escarciga, Ellen Kirk, Quentin Quintero, Jennie Winston
Sound Design: Kyle Klipowicz
Lighting Design: Becca Jeffords
Costume Design: Elisabeth Lamona
Video Engineering: Alex Halbert, Liviu Pasare
Set Engineer: Henry Behel
Stage Manager: H. Erin Quist
Production Manager: Markie Gray