Virtual & Mixed Reality + Experiential Design



Client & Collaborators Include : 

• Scatter Co. 
• Carnegie Museum of Art
• Verizon
• Fake Love
• Invisible North
• Century 21
• The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO For Creative Inquiry
• slowdanger
VIA Festival
Thrival Festival
• Steppenwolf Theatre
• Barnard College / Columbia University
• The Theatre School at DePaul University


I am an artistcreative technologistresearcher, and producer, working in Immersive Media, Games, and Experiential Design, focused on VR/MR/AR, volumetric capture, and installation leveraging emerging technologies. I am committed to creating inclusive, embodied, and social experiences with technology, exploring new narratives, and uniting our digital and physical worlds. 


I am a Creative Director, Interactive Technology Lead, and Producer for VR/MR/AR and Experiential Design, working from NYC to LA, and have spoken about hybrid art + science collaborations at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. I have been a projection designer for theatre and live performance from Broadway to China, and taught Projection Design at DePaul University and Barnard College. I hold an MFA in Video and Performance from the Glasgow School of Art, and I'm currently a Masters of Science Candidate in Computational Design at Carnegie Mellon University.

With nearly a decade of freelance experience across creative industries, I bring fluid translation skills and a personal understanding of each facet of collaborative projects working at the edge of possibility.


My research centers on embodied sensation and co-presence in digital experiences, with a focus on virtual and mixed reality and motion capture. I prototype VR/MR experiences which utilize real-time depth sensing and tracking, tangible materials, and co-located participants, and avoid the use of controllers. I design interactions that privilege direct physical agency and improvisation as tools to embrace the liminal space of virtuality. My interdisciplinary practice is a constant dialogue between rigorous computational processes and collaborations with practitioners whose knowledge base is critical to, yet often lacking in technology research and development. My long-term collaborative engagement with movement and dance practices has served as a crucial inquiry into the design of embodied interactions with immersive media.   

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