Virtual & Mixed Reality + Experiential Design



Client & Collaborators Include : 

• Scatter Co. 
• Carnegie Museum of Art
• Verizon
• Fake Love
• Invisible North
• Century 21
• The Frank-Ratchye STUDIO For Creative Inquiry
• slowdanger
VIA Festival
Thrival Festival
• Steppenwolf Theatre
• Barnard College / Columbia University
• The Theatre School at DePaul University


I am an artist, creative technologist, researcher, and producer, working in immersive media, experiential design, and human computer interaction. Focusing on VR/MR/AR, interactive installation, and user experience, I create inclusive, embodied, and social experiences with technology, explore new narratives, and unite our digital and physical worlds. 


I am a Creative Director, Interactive Technology Lead, and Producer for VR/MR/AR and Experiential Design, working from NYC to LA and abroad. With my hybrid background at the intersection of creative expression and technical innovation, I design and lead bold, collaborative, and rigorous projects. I have spoken about art + science collaborations at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. I’ve been a projection designer for theatre and live performance from Broadway to China, and taught Projection Design at DePaul University and Barnard College. As an experiential designer, I create and produce location-based experiences and events which center immersive and interactive technology. My work with virtual and mixed reality draws from this deep understanding of and experience with audiences, user flows, and emerging technologies.  I hold an MFA in New Media from the Glasgow School of Art, and I'm currently a Masters of Science Candidate
in Computational Design at Carnegie Mellon University.

With nearly a decade of freelance experience across creative industries, I bring fluid translation skills and a personal understanding of each facet of collaborative projects working at the edge of possibility.


My research centers on embodied sensation and co-presence in digital experiences, with a focus on virtual and mixed reality and volumetric capture. I prototype VR/MR experiences which utilize real-time depth sensing and tracking, tangible materials, and co-located participants, and avoid the use of controllers. I design interactions that privilege direct physical agency and improvisation as tools to embrace the liminal space of virtuality. My interdisciplinary practice is a constant dialogue between rigorous computational processes and collaborations with practitioners whose knowledge base is critical to, yet often lacking in technology research and development. My long-term collaborative engagement with movement and dance practices has served as a crucial inquiry into the design of embodied interactions with immersive media.   

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