Virtual & Mixed Reality + Experiential Design




I am an an artistcreative technologistresearcher, and producer, making immersive, interactive experiences for installation, performance, and new immersive media (VR/MR/AR). My work engages the ever-shifting boundaries between digital and physical, expands the possibilities of storytelling, and creates situations for active dialogue around new technologies.


My research centers on embodied sensation and interactivity in digital experiences, with a focus on virtual and mixed reality, and motion capture. I believe that embodiment and diverse sensory awareness should be at the heart of developing immersive media, and that a crucial conversation is missing surrounding the ways we perceive and connect to each other and our environment within Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality. My interdisciplinary practice is a constant dialogue between rigorous computational processes and collaborations with practitioners whose knowledge base is critical to, yet often lacking in technology research and development. Most recently, I seek to address some of these questions through my engagement with movement and dance practices.   


I have worked as a Creative, Interactive Lead, and Producer for Experiential Design in New York City, and have spoken about hybrid art + science collaborations at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. I have been a projection designer for theatre and live performance from Broadway to China, and taught Projection Design at DePaul University and Barnard College. I hold an MFA in Video and Performance from the Glasgow School of Art, and I'm currently a Masters of Science Candidate in Computational Design at Carnegie Mellon University.

With nearly a decade of freelance experience across creative industries, I bring fluid translation skills and a personal understanding of each facet of collaborative projects working at the edge of possibility.

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