Virtual & Mixed Reality + Experience Design
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Experiments + Short Projects

Prototypes, Sketches, Iterative Design, Investigations

Beacon For The Hordes

A two week prototype for an interactive experimental narrative website. Created in collaboration with Xiaoguang (Gary) Zhu, at Carnegie Mellon University. 

A dream of southern night visitors. 

Animation by Anna Henson
Code by Gary Zhu



Spirit Animals : A Generative Dance Book

Spirit Animals : A Generative Dance Book

A book made of generative dances, with Left and Right Foot step patterns and titles, generated by a custom algorithm and generative text using n-grams. Created with Processing.

Faith (Triptych)

A Triptych Video Portrait, shot with an Ultra High Speed Camera, at 1600 fps. Exploring breath, visualizing physical processes and inner states.

Icons : Women Workers

Icons : Women Workers

How can we create new narratives about women and work?
How can a portrait interact with its viewer?

Icons : Women Workers is an ongoing series of interactive video portraits aiming to create a gesture-based movement dialogue between a viewer and digital portrait, while investigating a new iconography of women in the workplace.

Digital photography, videography, Leap Motion interaction