Virtual & Mixed Reality + Experiential Design
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Body, My Body : Embodied VR

A continuation of the collaboration between slowdanger and Anna Henson, this project explores embodiment, touch, and proprioception through a participatory VR experience for one guest and two dancers, whose real-time tracked movements are reflected in the visual and auditory environment in-headset.

A live performance version of Body, My Body was performed at Pearl Arts Studios, as part of the Pearl Diving Movement Residency.

Tech : Unity, Ableton Live, Max MSP, HTC Vive, Vive Trackers

ROLE : Artist, Creative Technologist, Director

Embodied Virtual Reality : Anna Henson & slowdanger

Documentation from a mixed reality performance system for one audience in VR, and two dancers wearing Vive trackers. In-headset view is on the left, the physical environment on the right. Collaboration with slowdanger, Anna Thompson and Taylor Knight.

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