Virtual & Mixed Reality + Experience Design

Experiential Marketing

I have worked as an Interactive Project Lead, Creative, and Producer for Experiential Marketing / Advertising agencies in New York City. I love to take projects from concept to pitch to execution - I can keep a high-level view of the project in line, while crafting the granular details to bring the event or installation to life.  

Century 21 : Agents of the Future

Century 21 : Agents of the Future


Invisible North was challenged to create an event that would highlight Century 21 as the real estate agency of the future. We proposed an interactive touch table and projection-mapped cityscape where attendees could play the role of city planner, and their choices would be visualized in real time on the cityscape in front of them, revealing predictions for the real estate of the future.

Biz Bash did a write-up of the event as an event that was “Futuristic But Not Cheesy.”

We staged the event in an airplane hangar on the outskirts of LA, inside a silver dome, with a landscape outside enhancing the idea that we could all take off at any moment.

ROLE : Interactive Project Lead, Producer


Nike : Zoom City Bank

At a one-night-only event celebrating 17 years of Nike NYC Basketball, 100 lucky teens flooded Brooklyn’s historic Williamsburg Savings Bank for a night filled with custom interactive games, basketball, and shoes. The experiential design company Fake Love was commissioned to create a night to remember, as part of Nike’s Zoom City campaign. The interactive games featured an update on the classic Pop-A-Shot arcade game, where users had to beat Kobe’s score, and a giant fast-paced trivia game with tactile buttons called Cypher, testing their knowledge of the great moments in NYC basketball.

I worked under the Creative Director in production, designing animations and illustrations for the interactive game interfaces.

ROLE: Animator, Designer